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Then and Now

Every once in awhile I am struck by how kind God is – to me. I think of how my life compares now to that of my childhood. Read more…

Gone by God

Isn’t it weird how hard we work to hold on to things which God has erased? Read more…

Loved Not Spoiled

So we have had each of our Grandchildren here, one at a time, as we do in the summer. (Well, not all, since the youngest is only three months old and we don’t quite have the right facilities to care for him.) Read more…


“See: everyone loves the idea of compassion until it costs them. We love the idea of love until it comes to unlovable people. We think discipleship is a romantic programmatic workshop of willing people: but it’s actually messy, difficult, heartbreaking, and requires your whole life.

What they also don’t tell you is that it’s awesome. When you’re face to face, chair to chair, eye to eye with a real person, there’s nothing like seeing the lights go on, the lies disentangled, the burden lifted, the problems exposed, the trauma healed, the heart rejoicing — there is absolutely nothing that compares to the pinnacle of God’s glory in one human being discipling another. I mean really discipling them, to just love someone. That click you hear is the something-missing being filled. To love people is what you’re created to do. Once you get there, you can’t go back anymore.”

This article is from JS Park ( and I commend his blog to you.

My Angel of Lights

When I did crisis counselling in the elementary school I went to the staff Christmas party. I came home with an angel. (Of course I went with one, too, for so is my wife to me!)

It had feathers and delightful colouring. If a person claps loudly lights turn on in both the wings and the waterfall. Or touching the waterfall creates the same response.

I am not much for decorations, but this particular one touches a soft spot inside me. Read more…

Poverty Rate

The poverty rate in the United States has skyrocketed to 15.7%, a level not seen since 1965. In Canada the rate stands at 9.6% – sad, but not as staggering.

Read more…