David has lived in rural and urban settings, worked as a machinist, in bank management, as a labourer, a professional and in security.
He has experience as clergy (Baptist, United, Anglican, Presbyterian). His radical view that God meets people directly and not through priests or religion has elicited strong opposition from religious institutions. He formally retired as clergy August 1, 2013 when his return to active ministry was clearly not going to be allowed.
Likewise a sense of social justice has led to confrontations with government and its agencies. That led to considerable exposure to Ojibway culture since 1990.

English: Map of the Mackenzie River, second gr...

Map of the Mackenzie River, second greatest river in North America, that drains to the Arctic Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He ran his own consulting business, also offering seminars in conflict management, marriage preparation and dreams. He has worked as a contract Crisis Counsellor in an elementary school and took referrals from Children’s Aid. His training in counselling includes a degree in psychology, Pastoral Counselling under CPE, mediation and conflict management from Conciliation Services (a Mennonite-based business) and extensive training with NLP Canada in Neuro-Linguistic Programming/New Code.
David earned three university degrees in psychology, history and seminary (Bible and Biblical languages specialty). His doctoral studies were waylaid by his aversion to status. Fortunately his thesis director was sensitive to this moral dilemma and advised accepting a second masters degree instead.
The  local newspaper published his bi-weekly column “Spiritually Speaking” for nearly ten years .
David has canoed the Mackenzie River in Canada’s Arctic.
Married to Margaret, they are proud of their close-knit family of three adult daughters, three sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren, as well as an “adopted” daughter,  her husband and their children.