Forgiveness Freedom

I keep bumping into this; a single event defining the future. I’ve had my share of crap heaped high on me. That does not define me, or the person who shovelled it. Sometimes it was malice that urged them on. More often they “didn’t know what they were doing”. Read more…

Why Ask Why?

Observe that Job was not being tested. God already had confidence in his faithfulness. Read more…

Unconditional Salvation

If you were drowning and the lifeguard decided to rescue you only if you would stop splashing, or made you promise never to eat just before going swimming, what would people think of that lifeguard? Even more so, how would you be in any condition to make a rational process of thought in the midst of such a consuming calamity? Read more…

True Evidence

Many (most?) Christians express confidence in their loyalty to how they worship God, the congregation they belong to or the denomination they subscribe to or their self-righteous declaration of freedom from all gatherings of Believers. Read more…

To Judge Or Not

A lot of Christians buy into the principle, “Stop judging”. Read more…


What would Jesus do?

A moment of clarity was granted to me. Read more…


In the last while I have had so many punches to the soul that I am weary. What do I mean by that?

This is all rooted in what I have termed “The Eden Syndrome” which is when people play God.

I have people respond with, “God doesn’t do that!” when I share what God wants me to do. Or someone discounts the Bible because its words do not suit their personal doctrine or theology.

Or facts of reality are roundly rejected simply because the reactor had a differing opinion.

Anyone who lives their faith openly faces this. What God wants is rarely what human society wants. Humans do not want to be humbled by God’s high ways because humility goes contrary to the obsession with “being like God” (Genesis 3:5-6) instead of serving God. The famous line from Paradise Lost rings true across the ages: Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven (Book I line 263).

Now, I have not yet been murdered or kidnapped or imprisoned as the prophets of old were. So I shouldn’t complain, I guess. Yet, I understand why Jeremiah concluded that resignation from the job as prophet was a preferred option. I also understand that, when he handed in his resignation he realized it couldn’t happen, because the words of God which were given to him had to be uttered.

What a dilemma – do what is right and get hit right in the head from those God wants rightly to save! Right?