Every once in awhile I am struck by how kind God is – to me. I think of how my life compares now to that of my childhood.

GodInControlGrowing up we sometimes did not have enough food to share the four ways that would feed all of us, so Mother went without. Yet God supplied our needs. We all survived, and Mother thrives even into her 80’s. My teeth, it is true, show some effects of the poor nutrition at a critical time of my life, but I’ve only lost two of them.

Again today as I was driving to work I thought about two things. In my lunch bag is more food than I would eat in my twelve-hour shift. But what fills my soul with gratitude to Creator is that if I ran out of food, I could stop at Tim Hortons on one of my patrols and buy something to eat.

For many of you that may not sound like a big deal. For me I feel a little like I live in a kind of luxury, certainly compared to what I once had.

Cast CaresNot only do I carry enough food to feed two people, even if not to feeling stuffed, but I have money in my pocket that would buy me still more.

I know I do not deserve any special kindness, but God has decided, for divine reasons, to have compassion on me in this way. Like salvation, it is a gift. It can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.

And let it stir deep gratitude. Thanks, Boss!