When I did crisis counselling in the elementary school I went to the staff Christmas party. I came home with an angel. (Of course I went with one, too, for so is my wife to me!)

It had feathers and delightful colouring. If a person claps loudly lights turn on in both the wings and the waterfall. Or touching the waterfall creates the same response.

I am not much for decorations, but this particular one touches a soft spot inside me.

My Angel of Lights decoration

My Angel of Lights decoration

Maybe I feel like Abraham who entertained angels coming to give good news about Sarah’s pregnancy (Genesis 18:1-15).

Or maybe it just reminds me that Creator comes at all times in all ways to all who follow The Way. So I sense this decoration reminds me of the compassion needed to care about others.

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to believers you don’t know. By doing this some believers have shown hospitality to angels without being aware of it” (Hebrews 13:2 God’s Word).