So we have had each of our Grandchildren here, one at a time, as we do in the summer. (Well, not all, since the youngest is only three months old and we don’t quite have the right facilities to care for him.)

Someone asked if we spoil them. Actually, we don’t. We expect good behaviour and help around the house. We play, of course, at the parks. We go to the museum.

3 of our 6 Grandchildren

3 of our 6 Grandchildren

But when I got thinking about it, we do spoil them in a way that is not intended. Because they visit us one at a time they have all our attention. They don’t have to compete with siblings for attention or toys or the last cookie.

While it goes way beyond my small mind to grasp or imagine, God gives each person that kind of attention. When God and I talk I never get put on hold, sparing me that grotesque noise that companies put on their line and think it is music!

God knows how many hairs I have on my head (and, yes, I do have since my genetic heritage does not include baldness). God knows what I need (note the emphasis here on what I need, not like giving me as a spoiled brat what I want). Loneliness has vanished with respectful, kind, compassionate and generous friendship.

Given a choice, I would rather walk with Jesus than get “spoiled” by the devil.