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This Is What God Says

The word of God came to me while I was asleep, and it awakened me. Read more…

7 Words Ringing

I was in a small American town to visit some friends. The pastor (though I didn’t know he was) tested my faith fairly strongly. Read more…

Vision in the Night

I hesitate to write this. Religious people tend to heap contempt on experiences like I will describe. Atheists act with equal contempt. I find, though, in the cyber-world of blogs, a crowd of witnesses for whom this, I pray, will inspire and encourage for the work of Paraclete which they also pursue.

In 2005 I became very ill with Crohn’s Disease, and would have died if my wife had not persisted in a search for medical care. For those few days between death and the life the treatment restored I lived in acute awareness of the spiritual world. Even for some time afterwards I had visions so vivid I often could not tell a vision from “real” life until sometime later.

Since then the visions have come rarely.

But last night a vision came (intense, realistically real and clear). The meaning did not arise immediately. Read more…