I was in a small American town to visit some friends. The pastor (though I didn’t know he was) tested my faith fairly strongly.

As it turned out I passed, and he invited me to speak that evening at the little congregation.

The first thing I made clear as I began to preach was that I wanted no money. I was not a fly-by-night fraudster. Then I preached on the reality of Jesus.

GodsWorkAt the end of the worship, as people filed out, a man came to me and said he felt God telling him to give me twenty dollars. So I took it and folded it into my left pants pocket.

A little later another person came by to greet me. It was clear to me she had a problem, and so I asked what was wrong, and invited her to be honest. In a low voice she said she had not eaten that week because she had no money. I reached into my pocket and gave her that money. I said, “God already knew that and here’s some help.”

The next morning I met that woman carrying food from the store. She stopped for a moment and said to me with amazement, “When I got to the checkout the total came to exactly twenty dollars.”

Minutes later I met the man who had given me the money. I thanked him for letting God help someone through me. I said it all happened because of “your faith, my wisdom and her need.”


Now this was a dream that came to me while I was between sleep and awake on September 28, 2015. Those final seven words rang through me for hours. It seemed the right thing to share it. Someone’s faith is ready to meet someone’s need, and who knows who the one blessed to be the stream of promise might be.