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Who Do You Go to for Help?

When God’s people trade away faith in God for religious opinion, whether Israelites of old or self-declared heroes of today, God sends natural or political alarms to awaken them to their sin and bring them back to spiritual sanity.

Sometimes people respond humbly and repent, turning from the off-trail route to the highway to heaven. Other times they decide to find their own solution apart from trusting in Almighty God.

The Lord declares,
“How horrible it will be for those rebellious children.
They carry out plans, but not mine…
They pile sin on top of sin…
They look for shelter under Pharaoh’s protection
and look for refuge in Egypt’s shadow.
But Pharaoh’s protection will be their shame,
and the refuge in Egypt’s shadow will be their disgrace”
(Isaiah 30:1-3 God’s Word Translation©).

In today’s terminology it would read, “They look for shelter in the Charter of Human Rights and look for refuge in their lawyers’ shadow.”

All I know is a Follower of Jesus will never use a secular court case to win a spiritual battle.

Why Ask Why?

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God Must Be Crazy

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7 Words Ringing

I was in a small American town to visit some friends. The pastor (though I didn’t know he was) tested my faith fairly strongly. Read more…

Eyes Right!

“Peter answered, ‘Lord, if it is you, order me to come to you on the water.’
Jesus said, ‘Come!’ So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he noticed how strong the wind was, he became afraid and started to sink. He shouted, ‘Lord, save me!’ Read more…

Whose Case Is It 4?

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Stand Up for Jesus

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The Bold Front Fraud

When I die and stand before Jesus I am certain that my Saviour will not ask me what other people did to me or what they thought of me. Read more…

They Are All

“I wish that my head were {filled with} water

and my eyes were a fountain of tears

so that I could cry day and night

for my dear people who have been killed. Read more…

Good Trouble

I am taking a recess from blogging in order to spend time with family on vacation in Tennessee, but I leave this profound devotional that has occupied my thoughts since I read it earlier this week.
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