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Love or Laws?

Is it possible the Biblical laws were never intended to be “Followed”? Read more…

Stop Signs

Where I work a stop sign greets people, everyone, as they enter the site. A stop sign is common. It always means the same thing.

But the funny thing is many people drive right past it. Read more…

Which Law?

People follow church laws and regulations, social customs, cultural norms and family traditions. Much of the time they do so without even thinking because these standards are such a part of our living, and following these brings rewards and acceptance while failure to conform brings censure. So it is easier to ride the current than to examine expectations.

Jesus rebelled against such rules when the rules abused people or replaced God. Read more…

Obey the Law

Law Library DVDs

Law Library DVDs (Photo credit: William & Mary Law Library)

People don’t like to obey the law. Many even express pride at how they broke the law, and got away with it.

For instance, many times I have been in a clergy meeting and there’s been a bragging session about how quickly a trip was made, achieved only by speeding. Apparently Romans 13:1-7 (obey the government when it enforces God’s principles) has no authority about such things because it is, after all, a command.

Likewise some people still don’t wear seat-belts. They still talk on their cellphones while driving.

To make matters worse, religious people don’t like anyone pointing out their sin, civil or spiritual. Gossipers Read more…