Where I work a stop sign greets people, everyone, as they enter the site. A stop sign is common. It always means the same thing.

But the funny thing is many people drive right past it.

10commandmentsYesterday particularly struck me. A vehicle went by without slowing down. When the sign was pointed out to the driver she looked around for many seconds before finding it!

Or the man who drove straight through and parked impeding the traffic in the side lane. When told that was not for parking he went into a lecture about how the gate should be signed better. Well, if he had stopped he would have been directed to the proper place to park.

The Bible has many such signs. Like, “Never lie when you testify about your neighbor”
(Exodus 20:16 God’s Word), a suggestion written in invisible ink as far as gossips are concerned.

Or, “Never steal” (Ex 20:15 God’s Word), a directive which has no literal application for those who cheat on their taxes or pirate satellite TV signals or church choirs who photocopy music.

Then we read, “Never commit adultery” which is just an old-fashioned idea according to those who use websites to find sex partners on the side.

Most Christians have heard of the First Commandment, “Never have any other god” (Exodus 20:3 God’s Word). And then they wear their denominational affiliation like a badge, or spend millions building a monument to human pride (calling it church) in the middle of a community with an  unemployment rate reaching 50%. Not to mention those who compulsively eat, drink, shop whatever, but would never have such driving impulses to study the Bible or pray or witness or…

Nope, it seems to me that spiritually people act the same way with God’s Words as with traffic laws. Ignore it. Reject it. Call it names.

Now, we don’t get to heaven by obeying any set of laws, true. But when you name the name of Jesus as your Boss, and then flaunt your independent thinking by refusing to do things that please Creator, well, I’m just saying you’re either an out and out hypocrite or STOPsomeone with a deep spiritual sickness that needs healing.