So it has been an interesting time recently and yet to come.

As usual I helped set up the warehouse for the Salvation Army Christmas toy drive. As for my regular work it has

Making it clean

Making it clean

become full-time now. My second job adds one day each week to do on-call for a 24-hour stretch (responding to alarms and security for bank machine repairs).

This week I had two such responses, one of which took all afternoon (so I didn’t get my strawberry patch fertilized). On the way home from that response I was called in for a night shift (as well as Sunday night). So I will work six days straight of 63 hours of shift, then a 24-hour on call followed by three more 12-hour shifts. Because I have two jobs none of this will involve overtime pay.

Needless to say my blogging time has been sidelined, though I have struggled to read my blogging friends and almost kept up.

Now I won’t complain. I earn about $12 (Cd 🙂 ) an hour, more or less, and extra hours just help with the household cash flow. And, I do like my job. I have to admit, having spent my entire adult working life in some kind of management role, I delight in this job where, if something needs deciding or an issue dealt with, it is not my problem! I have difficulty explaining how wonderful that is after decades of being the one on the hook.

Plus, I know God wants me to do this right now.

All clean; now start to add toys

All clean; now start to add toys

Spiritually, I am nearly breathless at the intimacy of the relationship Jesus grants to me through all this (indeed partly because of it?).

And I give honourable respect to Margaret who has to do a lot more around the house than usual when I go into extra work time. That’s especially the case at this time of year when she sews for Christmas for the grandchildren, and as a volunteer, giving extra hours both at the foodbank as well as untold hours helping to make the toy drive happen.

I give to God a beyond-words gratitude that we get through our days still married, in love, believing in the Saviour and blessed.

I get weary thinking about my life this extended week. I hate to think, however, of the overtime Creator logs – every week!

“Your guardian will not fall asleep. Indeed, the Guardian of Israel never rests or sleeps. The Lord is your guardian” (Psalm 121:3b-5a God’s Word).