I’m sad. As I drove to work I made a most disheartening discovery.

John Philip Sousa, the composer of the song.

John Philip Sousa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My one and only CD of John Philip Sousa marches has become damaged. Tracks 15 and 16 no longer play.

I feel like I’m two marches short of a parade. I’m all lined up and have nowhere to march.

The march started but shortly it began to jump and skip like a triple-jump athlete at a school field day.

Of course, I ejected the CD and re-inserted it thinking, like a computer, if it re-boots then all will be well. Well, it’s not well and I’m left wishing it were well.

And the day had been going so well. I slept well. I ate well for supper thanks to Margaret’s meatloaf.

Amazing (well, interesting, at least) how a little thing can change our day from well done to done in.

Do you think the heavenly angels play Sousa marches?

Well, I hope so. I’ve got two marches that need to be redeemed!