So we spent a week babysitting two of our grandchildren while their parents got away for a holiday. It makes for a more confused time living in someone else’s house instead of having the children in our home.

Of course, the grandchildren have never “lived” with us during schooldays, so they got confused about my schedule. After all, I work while they sleep, so I sleep while they play. And this replaced time with my blog, as well.

Nevertheless, we feel lucky to have our grandchildren close enough that we can help out, and stay connected with them. (This weekend coming we get to travel to see the other four grandchildren.)

Now it wasn’t back to normal, because as soon as we got home Margaret’s Mother and sister came to visit for several days.

And tonight I am back to work.

I baptize my Granddaughter in her Grandmother's nursing home

I baptize my Granddaughter in her Grandmother’s nursing home

Now I am not complaining, but I wonder what it will be like in heaven when we are connected without geography, are not confined to only 24 hours in a day, won’t get tired out…?

And experience Jesus/Creator/Paraclete face-to-face with no sin to distract, no mortality to limit us, no struggles or troubles to drain our energy. Anyone who has visited with people they love, and know that children can tire us into feeling old, will know what a delight this picture of heaven will be. Will we play? I’m sure we will. And not get tired.

Yes, when I think about it, visiting with family is a touch of heaven on earth. We love our grandchildren. My Mother-in-law is a wonderful woman and easy company to have around.

Forever with the people we love. So I keep praying for those I love whose relationship with Jesus is uncertain to me (though with Jesus it is clear so I rest in that knowledge, too).

loveyourenemiesAnd I pray for my enemies, because if they are actually saved and so we spend eternity together I would be more at ease that I keep myself open to God’s love on this matter.

So, all I can do today is ramble in my thoughts. There, in all my brain work I can still be reduced to random thinking. But thinking about forever with Jesus seems worth the time.