I am weary. Keeping up with life is a full-time job. Keeping up with going to Toronto added to that to visit my brother in hospital makes me feel old(er).

The heart operation he had two weeks ago can be declared a success. He is no longer sedated. A few complications arose, unrelated to that, but which doctors discovered because he was in the hospital, will need a little more attention.

So Mother and I will head home tomorrow after our visit and recoup before we need to go again.

All this keeps me astonished at how God can, and does, work. Not only did God work things out to save my brother’s life, but put things in place to make recuperation possible and less stressed, and set me in a job which makes it possible to keep up these visits, but had the doctors find another issue that would have gone undetected. All this only scratches the surface of the details falling into place.

I have two prayers over this. One is that somehow the extended family might get closer, more like it used to be before Mother’s Grandchildren became adults. The other is for a sweep of the Spirit to open eyes to the wonders of Creator.

And I guess I would add that we find the energy we need, for my brother to heal and the rest of us to support, encourage and comfort on the road to recovery.

I take comfort in the words of the prophet:

“Don’t you know?

Haven’t you heard?

The eternal God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth,

doesn’t grow tired or become weary.

His understanding is beyond reach.

He gives strength to those who grow tired

and increases the strength of those who are weak.

Even young people grow tired and become weary,

and young men will stumble and fall.

Yet, the strength of those who wait with hope in the Lord

will be renewed.

They will soar on wings like eagles.

They will run and won’t become weary.

They will walk and won’t grow tired” (Isaiah 40:28-31 God’s Word).