I will not have much to say. My older and only brother had massive heart surgery yesterday. No warning or symptoms, just a sudden onset of trouble.

Thanks Barb, you were there and without that he’d be dead.

Gratitude to the medical experts in the hospital who have made it possible that he might survive this flows from my lips.

Amazement at how God has prepared for this over the course of many months (yes!) so that he could have a chance at life, though different from what he had before.

I pray he will see this and have his heart (with its new pieces) “strangely warm” to the God of love. May his children and grandchildren grow to know the God of loving miracles. May Mother rest even more securely in the arms of her Saviour.  May my whole family find its way through this.

And may everyone and every family who face death with such sudden force and without a trumpet call of alarm discover The Spirit of God lovingly present.

Here my words fail me, except that my soul reaches to highest heaven for those who need, with and without words, prayer and God-like love and who search for hope.