Sometimes I am so busy it takes a long time to get through my to do list. At times I leave something undone because I just don’t feel like doing it right then.



Procrastinate. The first instance has nothing to do with this word. The second example does.

We got talking about that yesterday because my brother left a lot of things undone at the house, like garbage not dealt with. It’s the kind of thing that one decides that a trip to the dump (he lives in the country with no garbage collection) can wait until “tomorrow”. Except this time he ended up in hospital after a heart attack. So others are left to clean up what could have already been cleaned up.

Spiritually people will do the same. I’ll talk to God tomorrow. Push the button to put Paraclete on hold. The urging to talk to a neighbour about Jesus comes at an inconvenient time. So, we procrastinate.

ALERT: “Since we are God’s coworkers, we urge you not to let God’s kindness be wasted on you. God says, ‘At the right time I heard you. On the day of salvation I helped you (Isaiah 49:8).’ Listen, now is God’s acceptable time! Now is the day of salvation!” (2 Corinthians 6:1-2 God’s Word).