“The Kingdom of God first!” How am I to reach that blessed life? The answer is: “Give up everything for it.” And then a second answer would be this: Live every day and hour of your life in the humble desire to maintain that position. There are people who hear this test, and who say it is true, and that they want to obey it. But if you were to ask them how much time they spend with God day by day, you would be surprised and grieved to hear how little time they give up to Him. And yet they wonder that the blessedness of the divine life disappears. We prove the value we attach to things by the time we devote to them. The Kingdom should be first every day, and all the day.” (The Master’s Indwelling, Andrew Murray, Ch. 5).

While my brother has not been brought out of the induced coma yet, some things have improved. Despite that, with starting a new contract as well, my energy level falls below normal. So my posts may be a little irregular. I hope you will understand.