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A Shelter in the Storm

I still like winter. The beauty of the fresh-fallen snow refreshes the soul. Bundling up to go out to shovel, walk or play still feels like fun.

This morning we awoke to this scene, another big storm stretching from the Atlantic states through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. True, such a storm wreaks havoc on the modern industrial/commercial world, and unnecessary travel presents true danger that should certainly be avoided.

Our home, however, shelters us from the storm. We see it, hear it, watch it, but the walls and roof and furnace defeat the ill-effects of the storm.

I sense a parable in this storm. Read more…

Another Lesson in the Garage

Oh my, the garage again. The first incident saw the original canvas cover split from front to back along the top pole. Last time the whole frame took off and landed on my back steps. This time the new roof shredded.

The big tarp we bought to cover it simply did not have the strength for the job. The wind tore the roof apart. A good idea that didn’t work because it wasn’t made of the right stuff. Read more…

Early Morning Storm Lesson

This morning, before a person should be awake, I was. A thunderstorm, complete with lightning and high wind, pounded the house.

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