Oh my, the garage again. The first incident saw the original canvas cover split from front to back along the top pole. Last time the whole frame took off and landed on my back steps. This time the new roof shredded.

The big tarp we bought to cover it simply did not have the strength for the job. The wind tore the roof apart. A good idea that didn’t work because it wasn’t made of the right stuff.

While it is not the same circumstance the effect of the wind makes me think of the story Jesus told about the two houses. “Therefore, everyone who hears what I say and obeys it

Ripped roof #2

will be like a wise person who built a house on rock. Rain poured, and floods came. Winds blew and beat against that house. But it did not collapse, because its foundation was on rock. Everyone who hears what I say but doesn’t obey it will be like a foolish person who built a house on sand. Rain poured, and floods came. Winds blew and struck that house. It collapsed, and the result was a total disaster” (Matthew 7:24-27 God’s Word).

I think the only solution now (other than take the frame down and forget the garage completely) involves finding a way to fasten plywood to a metal frame and have a carport style with a solid roof. Not my forte.

Nothing lasts (except, as Jesus said, “The earth and the heavens will disappear, but my words will never disappear” Matthew 24:35 God’s Word).

Spiritually, if we think we have solved a problem permanently we would wisely watch anyway. “So, people who think they are standing firmly should be careful that they don’t fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12 God’s Word).

So another lesson in the garage, this one the ripped roof refusing remediation.