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Rich, Richer, Richest

Is life comfortable with everything running smoothly? Then this is a time to fall humbly before God in thanksgiving and exercise faith to resist fleshly impulses. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “the good life” is where it’s at. Read more…

What The Good Samaritan Is Good For

I have always found the parable of the Good Samaritan confusing. It doesn’t help that virtually all preachers and devotionals teach an error. Read more…

A Shelter in the Storm

I still like winter. The beauty of the fresh-fallen snow refreshes the soul. Bundling up to go out to shovel, walk or play still feels like fun.

This morning we awoke to this scene, another big storm stretching from the Atlantic states through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. True, such a storm wreaks havoc on the modern industrial/commercial world, and unnecessary travel presents true danger that should certainly be avoided.

Our home, however, shelters us from the storm. We see it, hear it, watch it, but the walls and roof and furnace defeat the ill-effects of the storm.

I sense a parable in this storm. Read more…

God’s Peace

I work outside at night, usually.

Last night was quite chilly (below freezing). But there was almost no wind so the cold did not bite. The moon was bright (2 days till a full moon)  even through the thin clouds, which eventually drifted away. Read more…

Parable of the Wild Grapevine

Grapevine, Sweet Woodruff and Lamium

Wild Grapevine (Photo credit: bill barber)

For many years a wild grapevine flourished in the corner of the yard. It climbed up every tree, shrub, hedge and fence it could reach. But strangling the greenery in its own yard eventually wasn’t enough. It began to cross into the neighbour’s backyard. It climbed on the hedge, tangled in unwanted Manitoba maple trees and finally overpowered the red cherry tree nearby the fence line. Neighbour finally noticed it high in the cherry tree. It entangled the leaves and branches with such vigour that Neighbour could not pull it out of the tree. So Neighbour followed the stem of the invading plant, but found the roots far onto the next lot, beyond reach. So Neighbour trimmed and pulled the best that was possible, but year after year the grapevine returned. If only Neighbour’s neighbour cared enough to dig out the offending plant!

Parable of the Cedar Tree

In front of our house stands a gorgeous cedar tree. At ten metres (thirty-three feet) it looks like a perfectly groomed tower of green. Our grandchildren have even burrowed into the centre and climbed its many branches.

But a very short time ago its shape changed. Read more…