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Seeking, But Not Finding

So, in less than ten years we have seen what institutional religion has to offer. Read more…

Grow Up

We assemble with a small number of others as a house Church. I call it “Circle”.

Last night the question came about why so many people who self-identify as Christians not only refuse to discuss difficult questions of faith or answer why something is done the way it is in a denomination or congregation when the Bible says to do it another way, and why they even shut down those who dare to ask the hard questions. Read more…


So today I heard more about the growing number of people who reply to surveys about religious affiliation as “none”. The CBC radio show Tapestry investigated this on the show this afternoon.

In the US about 30% of younger people use this description, while in Canada that number is more like 25%. However, for the whole population the number is about the same for both countries at 20%.

And there is a new name for some in this category, SBNR’s. Read more…