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Standard of Living – Faith or Formula

Has your congregation ever searched for a pastor?

In many denominations the search includes building a profile or description of the congregation, the community it serves and writing a job description. These things can take as long as months before being approved.

Then the position is advertised. Applications are assessed. Interviews follow. The pastor may be invited to “preach for the call” or committee members may travel to where the pastor now serves to critique worship and report back to home base. Read more…

Love Is the Way for Life

Love, the kind Jesus talks about, is not a feeling.

Love, according to the One Who Loved Enough to Prove it on the Cross, is action in a lifestyle. Read more…


So today I heard more about the growing number of people who reply to surveys about religious affiliation as “none”. The CBC radio show Tapestry investigated this on the show this afternoon.

In the US about 30% of younger people use this description, while in Canada that number is more like 25%. However, for the whole population the number is about the same for both countries at 20%.

And there is a new name for some in this category, SBNR’s. Read more…