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Living Confession

A big issue for me stands with the false belief that confession of sins compromises the whole act of contrition (“humble regret”). To illustrate this I refer to AA (“Alcoholics Anonymous”). One of the steps toward healing and overcoming speaks of restoration (if possible) to all those who the drinker hurt while booze reigned as boss. I support this teaching and exercise. Read more…

Vision in the Night

I hesitate to write this. Religious people tend to heap contempt on experiences like I will describe. Atheists act with equal contempt. I find, though, in the cyber-world of blogs, a crowd of witnesses for whom this, I pray, will inspire and encourage for the work of Paraclete which they also pursue.

In 2005 I became very ill with Crohn’s Disease, and would have died if my wife had not persisted in a search for medical care. For those few days between death and the life the treatment restored I lived in acute awareness of the spiritual world. Even for some time afterwards I had visions so vivid I often could not tell a vision from “real” life until sometime later.

Since then the visions have come rarely.

But last night a vision came (intense, realistically real and clear). The meaning did not arise immediately. Read more…

Work At It

There are many kinds of work. Sometimes it includes a salary. God ordained work as part of the process to atone for sin. Read more…

Heal Me

We pray, “Heal me”. We want God to take away this problem. “Fix it,” we demand.

But what would happen if we prayed like Job. “ ‘…We accept the good that God gives us. Shouldn’t we also accept the bad?’…” (Job 2:9-10 God’s Word). Job affirmed his loyalty to God.

Or consider Paul. A physical ailment stuck with him, which has been the explanation of Luke, the doctor, travelling with him. Paul’s explanation in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 reads “…I am forced to deal with a recurring problem. That problem, Satan’s messenger, torments me to keep me from being conceited. I begged the Lord three times to take it away from me. But he told me: “My kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” …Therefore, I accept weakness, mistreatment, hardship, persecution, and difficulties suffered for Christ…” (God’s Word). Maybe your prayer should take you before God to examine your weak points or unconfessed sin.

So, before chasing faith healers or asking your church to pray for healing, check what God wants you to receive healing for! Maybe your attitude shames God, or you think too highly of yourself, or something really wrong hides inside you which the outside thing signals needing faced.

Or my usual observation, when we fail to visit the sick (Matthew 25:36, 39) God may just have to sicken you to get you into the hospital to do your job!

Healing feels good, but sick isn’t automatically bad.

Inferiority Complex Simplified

People who have an inferiority complex live a form of self-hate. Strange as it may sound it displays arrogance. Read more…