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Busy, Busy 2

So, what a flurry of stuff has just happened. Read more…

Busy, Busy

My Mother had her second hip replaced yesterday (by surgery). That part went well. She requires intensive nursing/home care for about three weeks. But her gardening season is already over for this year.


So my wife and I will be giving her our priority attention, and working the best we can to keep a yard based on three people attending to it with only the two of us.


So my posts will probably be a little less frequent, but more problematic is I won’t be able to read all the good ones that I usually follow. So if I don’t click a like or leave a comment, please don’t feel slighted. I’m just slightly busy, busy.

Work At It

There are many kinds of work. Sometimes it includes a salary. God ordained work as part of the process to atone for sin. Read more…

Do What Is Right

I drove past a church building out in the countryside. The parking lot was filled, and the cars were spilling out into the adjoining field. Now no evangelist had arrived. No prophet had come to call the board back to humble service under Jesus. The turn out didn’t even indicate an itinerant healer had taken up shop. The big event that drew the crowds was  Read more…