As I drove to work on Saturday I noticed a spot on the windshield.. From that point on my eyes kept focussing on that mark.

Now, I really do not like anything that gets in my line of vision while I drive. Very soon this very small spot became an annoyance. The wipers did not remove it.

Once I arrived at work I rubbed the spot to erase it. That took some doing; it was a stubborn stain. Still, it did come off.

It became a parable of life. We focus on the stains and sins of the past. A small spot instead of the grand and wide view of the Creator. Even when it is totally removed the memory of it fills our thoughts.

But it isn’t there anymore!

DontGoBackJust a few days ago someone said something that caused extreme emotional pain for me. It was something that happened decades ago. In a single comment years of struggle and success were banished to a pile of smelling garbage – all over something that was long gone, long ago dealt with. The present was trashed to wallow in the past.

Do you have a spot on the windshield? Has God taken it away? Then let it go. Throw it away like garbage instead of letting it make garbage of life.

Jesus did not take our sin away so that we could discount the cross as ineffective by reviving a memory of something God has forgotten.