Now that I have been out of the academic circle for a while, and since we have no connection to denominational Christian religion, I find I am a little out of touch with modern heresies and religious infighting.

On the one hand that suits me. On the other, though, I suppose there is value in being aware of what deceptions are rampant in religion.

argument4392121A site I had bookmarked months ago is now offline so I was led to some other material. That led to being confronted with controversy and heresy.

The first thing that haunts me is the horror that so-called Christians spend so much venom on other Christians, whom they have demonized, there is no energy left to fight evil. The devil is laughing all the way to the pulpit.

The second sadness is how religious Christians put more store in doctrine than Jesus. Obedience to a pastor or system becomes the standard for judgment about faith. No one follows the Bible about collegiality based on “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children” (Romans 8:16 God’s Word©). Submission refers not to our position before Creator, but about human leadership and conformity to human standards. People like me who live and teach that Jesus is the Head of the Church are expelled, one way or the other.

GOT2BEAnd then I think of my own powerlessness against this sin and these heresies, though I keep teaching the supremacy of the Supreme God over any religion or doctrine or human, and pray for victory by Paraclete over human pride.

But I am still sick about it. It still wakes me up sometimes as my mind swirls with the vision of all this. I feel like discouraged Elijah, and have to remind myself that God told the prophet that 7,000 souls still obeyed Jehovah. Nevertheless, some days it is hard to have hope.


In all that I blog I am subject to Jesus. Please read my page “Test Me” before you make any conclusion about what I have written.