Yesterday I had a strange experience.

CapeCrokerMy daughter and family took a short vacation in a town where we once lived. She met a person there who used to live overseas while we lived there. This person mentioned to our daughter that she respected a public stand I took in defence of an important social issue (First Nation treaty rights), a stand which lost me my livelihood. This person followed the event through the media, and added that had they lived here then they would have supported the work I was doing at the time. The thing is, this all happened twenty-four years ago!

While I do what is right simply because God wants it, this did seem like an affirmation that sometimes we can encourage others in very unexpected ways, and that good somehow does outlive the event. And people can encourage us.

God humbled me in this, proving once again Who controls time and history.

Ever feel unappreciated? Guess what, God appreciates loyalty and faithfulness, so never give up.