So you make a decision on a matter and think you have done a great work. Notes are made and the decision is filed.

But how did you come to that decision?

Did you meet with the accused privately and listen intently to determine if your perceptions were valid? Before, during and after the decision did you wonder, “What would it be like if I was the accused? How would I want to be treated? Am I acting that way?”, or did you pursue the decision in hopes of concluding the matter so that you could get back to your life?

fact_or_opinionSometimes we are part of a committee that must deal with some issue. Sometimes we are the entire committee. Sometimes we just want to justify our opinion with our decision.

This returned to my mind because I just read “Mercy triumphs over judgment” (James 2:13 God’s Word©). That struck light lightning.

But when you add the first half of the verse, “No mercy will be shown to those who show no mercy to others” I can’t help but think we come to opinions without prayer, decisions without compassion, accusations beyond empathy and judgment contrary to mercy.

I don’t think Jesus died on the cross to grant permission for such behaviour.