One of the things about reading other blogs comes in the form of challenges.

At times a blogger will write a warning, an interpretation or a viewpoint which I cannot accept.

possibilitiesThe dilemma I face in some of these issues rests in the odd predicament that I do not disagree with the blog. I just find that my own experience takes me in another direction.

On the one hand, I find some bloggers will take a Bible verse and use it as a wide brush to cover many more issues than the verse intended to cover. Building a principle from one verse is not sound analysis.

On the other hand, some bloggers build a principle on many verses which happen all to be from the Old Testament. While all of the Bible is inspired I am of the mind that if an entire argument is constructed without a New Testament eye I become wary that the point is rooted in law rather than compassion.

Deep love from God bridges all time, yet when anyone insists on a certain behaviour, or set of behaviours, it sounds more like Moses than Jesus. Jesus demanded sacrifice, altruism and a life based on radical love that costs anything and everything, not regulations.

On the other, other hand, unrelated verses sometimes get lined up to describe one point, and I am obsessed with Biblical context.

Of course, the enemy to faith is Destroyer. That, too, becomes part of my lens for discernment. Does the behaviour or doctrine demanded prevent people destroying themselves or others, or does it want conformity with one kind of Christian theology over against another?

Labels get thrown around. Evangelical means sound and faithful. Liberal means the abandonment of true faith. Fundamentalism refers to someone who is, depending on who uses the term, either uncompromising faith or legalistic constriction. So the labels say.

Despite all that I challenge and get challenged. When the attitude involved shows respect and love the interchange inspires.

Being-RightBut who is right?

I am, of course. Well, what I mean by that is that I have to trust Paraclete. What works for me when I follow that leading may not work for someone else. Our cultural setting, our maturity in loyal, faithful living, our skill in Biblical analysis and the mission God calls us to, will determine whether a certain thing helps or hinders our part in the cause of Christ.

So I will keep reading those blogs. The fact that they keep me off balance keeps me leaning on the Everlasting Arms to keep standing. I love you for seeing things differently. And if I challenge you as I sort through your words please accept it as a compliment. I take you seriously.