Well, what a day Friday turned out to be!

I showed up for my shift starting at 8am to find the machinery on the railroad tracks was not there. Mobile Patrol had received no information nor had the office been informed by the client. So I stayed on station awaiting instructions while they looked for the machines. Six hours later my shift was terminated (early).Me

That’s fine, because I was offered a 12.5-hour shift overnight for on duty while contractors worked in a mall store. After getting home, getting some sleep and getting my overnight lunch ready I headed for that shift. On arrival the store manager was surprised because mall security was scheduled for the shift, and my call came from Head Office of the store. A phone call to my manager, and his return call, saw me heading home with no shift (though we get compensation for cancelled shifts).

On the drive home Mobile Patrol phoned to say I would be needed at another location on the railroad tracks for Saturday, noon until midnight.

Well, I am laughing about it; working security often has strange twists.

And I laughed at getting cancelled with my manager, the store staff, mall security and Mobile Patrol.

As I said to my manager when he expressed gratitude for my attitude, “If I took all this seriously I’d go nuts, and I don’t have time to go nuts!”

I tell this, not only because the humour is inescapable, but to give the honour and glory to Jesus, my Saviour, for giving me a light heart and a happy soul that bounced with the waves today.

Now, I wonder if I will get to work that 12-hour shift tomorrow…

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