In the recent past I admit that I have become obsessed with declaring the real Jesus. I do not speak of any debate about the historical reality of Jesus of Nazareth.

fact_or_opinionEven more strongly than before I condemn religion and its theology, doctrine and institutionalization of the Saviour.

From time to time I have abusive people stand in front of me (sometimes behind my back) and trash everything I am and do. That is another story, but the point here is they cannot deny I exist! They might want me eliminated, either physically or bureaucratically, but that assumes my reality.

Jesus is real. Every time someone, individually or institutionally, reduces Jesus the Christ to a doctrine or debate they brutalize the very Creator.

I am more than anyone’s opinion of me. I am more than the deeds of my past or the mood I am in. If you love me any information or theory or bureaucratic motion or process about me becomes tertiary (that’s one step further removed than secondary for you folk that aren’t into business theory). Lies told about me will not take up root in you if you love me.

If you love Jesus the lies that religion tell must, at least eventually, slide away from your soul.

English: Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus is see-able, hear-able and feel-able. This is not a theological or philosophical theory. This describes my own personal experience with the Person Jesus. It reflects what others have experienced of God, as Creator or Saviour or Paraclete, Judge or Helper or Comforter or Friend.

Reject what your religious group expects you to “believe”. Discard orthodox “doctrine”.

The first disciples touched Jesus, ate with Jesus, saw Jesus, had conversations with Jesus. And this was the resurrected Christ, not the human aspect of Jesus’ history/biography. So when Christ ascended into the heavenly realm of spirit did God go into hiding? Has the Divine now turned to playing hide-go-seek? Of course not.

Just meet Jesus. Stop telling Jesus how to behave according to your group’s theology. Just meet Jesus.

May the real you meet the real Jesus and really get real!