During my last shift I was brought to this realization in my soul – God is real and I want others to have the full experience of this reality.

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) the noted South African spiritual teacher

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) the noted South African spiritual teacher

Consider this quote from a 19th century spiritual teacher and writer:

“I beseech you, do not let yourself be deceived with some vague thoughts about the presence of Jesus. No, think of Him as specifically in you. Trust in Him. Let this become reality: let Christ become a live presence.

He cannot be to me a detached, external person, someone far away in heaven…He must live in me by a united harmony and oneness of faith…” (Andrew Murray, “The Spiritual Life”, 1986 edition, page 117).

So what “ideas” do you have about God? What doctrines do you cling to about Jesus? What debates have you entered about who Paraclete is and does?

Throw them all away because they are like tissue paper notes in a pouring rain.

What’s more important is how you sense God, your tangible experience of Jesus and the body-moving impact of Paraclete in your behaviour.

Live with Jesus; don’t just think about Christ. Tune in to the activity of the Divine Creator in your living.

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