As a student of history I had a wonderful time in Peru 5 years ago, touring the remains of the Quechua people. It’s true my actual scholarship was in ancient West Asia, but a sideline has been The Inca and Mayans, as well as Ojibwe.


But that was then. This is now.


actun-tunichil-muknal-belizeSo my history-loving daughter and I are off to Belize and Guatemala on a customized tour of Mayan sites. I leave May 31. One highlight will be the cave Actun Tunichil Muknal, reached by a jungle hike, crossing a river, climbing a rock wall (small). It is an active archaeological site. All very exciting for the old man who finds old times and old things so interesting!


So that means I will be absent from the blogging world.


I apologize to those bloggers I follow because I will miss what you post, miss the inspiration and conversation.

I won’t be back online until the middle of June.