I’m back and I’m cold. Everyday on my trip to Belize and Guatemala was 40C (over 100F) with  humidex.

Planes are cold anyway, but flying home I couldn’t even sleep on the way to Detroit because I shivered so much.

Then the airport shuttle had its air-conditioning on for the trip back into Canada at 3:30am!

Home barely an hour I got a call and unexpectedly I had to go to work two days after getting home. At work it was 21C (72F) yet I wore a sweater and a coat just to be comfortable – almost. Normally that would be shirt-sleeve weather.

Doing calculations at Caracol, Belize

Doing calculations at Caracol, Belize

However, we had a wonderful trip, visiting all the Mayan sites we planned plus more that we squeezed in. But climbing 30 – 70 meter (100 – 220 foot) buildings in that heat drained me at times.

How wonderful when our tour took us deep into caves where the air was cool and we walked in water up to our shoulders sometimes.

Now who would think that a mere 9 days in brutal heat could change the way a body reacts, so that temperature that would be normally okay becomes way too cool?

Actually, one educational theory argues that if you can discipline yourself (or another) into acting a certain way for 14 days that new way becomes your habit!

So why don’t believers, who walk with Jesus day after day, more closely follow the way of the Christ? Could it be they get confused doing what religion expects with what God demands on a spiritual level?

Anyway, I hope I warm up sometime.

Anyway, I pray that my walk with Jesus will be so consistent that the good things like justice, respect, godly love and endurance will become like a habit.

Wouldn’t that be cool?!