In a conversation today with my co-worker he mentioned how quickly the day seemed to be going. He meant it as a good thing because we were busy without being driven to distraction by too much activity. I answered, “It’s too early to be so late.”

It was one of those times when sounds come out which form words that express ideas which quite likely do not originate in my human brain.

laughing clockSo I got thinking, a risky business at work or home.

Time only has meaning if we live so rooted in this world that our achievements in life and our termination in death reign as the focus of our breathing time.

It came as a pleasant surprise (no, really, I was startled!) that Jesus takes up enough of my time that I think more in terms of forever than for now.

Now, I really like spending time with my wife. We get discouraged when we go for a stretch of having little time together, which happens sometimes because of my work and what she gets involved in with family and volunteering. All the more thrilling is life with its Creator, the Saviour who loves like infinite space and the Comforter who holds us up all the way through whatever to forever. (By the way, I experience my wife as one of the angels who help get me through, and even wrote a song for her years ago saying so.)

Me at my last birthday party

Me at my last birthday party

Often when my wife and I talk in the evening we suddenly realize it is past time for sleeping. Life with Jesus echoes that same delight. I’m having fun because of Jesus, and hardly realize I’m old enough to die. (Well, I guess, as the German proverb says, “As soon as we are born we are old enough to die”, that might mean little.) While I sometimes feel my age in my body, my spirit hasn’t caught up with that yet. It lives, so I see, like, “It’s too early to be so late.”

Wow, that’s kinda neat.

I feel like a spiritual Peter Pan, who never wants to grow up!

If you read this I hope and pray that you, too, will meet the “real” Jesus and get a “real” life. It’s never too late, or too early, or, I’m confused…

But I’m happy!