I work outside on night shifts, usually. Last night it snowed heavily, enough to cover all footprints. When I did my midnight patrol the urban lights on the fresh snow lit up my little corner of the world so brightly that I didn’t have to turn my flashlight on at all.

It made me think of two things that motivate me to mission.

A candle set up to shed light

A candle set up to shed light

I throw light on the secret dealings of institutions which meet in closed sessions and dark shadows, planning all kinds of evil intending never to be found accountable.

The second is personal. The dark parts inside me, where evil tempts me and which lead me to stumble and crumble, are places the Light of the world shines. I am found accountable. Usually it hurts, even if the end result satisfies my deep desire to become more and more like Jesus.

What comes to mind is when I wake up from my sleep I turn on the light in my room. That light signals the time to move from horizontal daze to vertical ways.

So the light of Christ in my life points me to focus more clearly on the vertical spiritual rather than the fleshly horizontal. And when I do, I find the spiritual transforms the horizontal from an arena for sinful displays to a mission field surrounded by God’s love.

Even in our midnight God’s light brightens the world for hope, purpose and compassion.

May the light of God light on your soul and lighten your load.

And may I, like fresh fallen snow, reflect the light of Creator into the dark corners of life.