Grapevine, Sweet Woodruff and Lamium

Wild Grapevine (Photo credit: bill barber)

For many years a wild grapevine flourished in the corner of the yard. It climbed up every tree, shrub, hedge and fence it could reach. But strangling the greenery in its own yard eventually wasn’t enough. It began to cross into the neighbour’s backyard. It climbed on the hedge, tangled in unwanted Manitoba maple trees and finally overpowered the red cherry tree nearby the fence line. Neighbour finally noticed it high in the cherry tree. It entangled the leaves and branches with such vigour that Neighbour could not pull it out of the tree. So Neighbour followed the stem of the invading plant, but found the roots far onto the next lot, beyond reach. So Neighbour trimmed and pulled the best that was possible, but year after year the grapevine returned. If only Neighbour’s neighbour cared enough to dig out the offending plant!