Decades ago I preached a Pentecost sermon and some charismatics were in attendance. When I showed the miracle on that occasion was not Peter speaking languages, but unbelievers hearing in their own language, these people interrupted me and condemned me.

godsworkI still believe that God gives spiritual gifts to Followers of Jesus to encourage people to repent and be saved or to humble discipleship for serving God.

Anyone who uses their gift for attention, personal profit, to control others, to force others to conform to a certain doctrine, or to advertise their own group clearly shows their gift has been perverted from God’s will.

It’s like the Pentecostal group which pressured a visitor to “speak in tongues”. Under duress the visitor did speak. A member “interpreted” the speaking. Then the visitor, an Old Testament scholar, corrected the erroneous “interpretation” because he had quoted Psalm 117 in Hebrew.

doing-gods-workOur gift (and ALL believers have at least one spiritual gift) does not give us a special place in the body of Christ. It humbles the true believer because it is a GIFT (unearned, undeserved from GOD). Its purpose is to win souls (like at the first Pentecost!)

May I just be logical? Why would God give us a gift just to puff us up with pride, dominate others, distract us from Creator or lead others astray into false faith?

The 5-fold Ministry, with its emphasis on hierarchy and authority, justifies human power rather than humble obedience using spiritual gifts to serve the Saviour.

The gifts are real, however, just like a car. If you use your car to murder, rage against others or show off, the car is not the problem; it’s the driver.

Who’s in the driving seat of your life?



“Then a quarrel broke out among the disciples. They argued about who should be considered the greatest. Jesus said to them, ‘The kings of nations have power over their people, and those in authority call themselves friends of the people. But you’re not going to be that way! Rather, the greatest among you must be like the youngest, and your leader must be like a servant. Who’s the greatest, the person who sits at the table or the servant? Isn’t it really the person who sits at the table? But I’m among you as a servant’ “ (Luke 22:24-27 God’s Word©).