We went to a Methodist congregation yesterday for Pentecost Sunday.

dovefireThey didn’t mention Pentecost. No reading from Acts. The Pastor was on a series and that was number 8 and he just continued.

Other things could be said about what happened, but Pentecost is a time to remind us that only through Paraclete do we work the work of Jesus. The Day of Pentecost showed we can go beyond human skills to serve God. It also showed that when God works powerfully through believers that unbelievers may mock us, lie about us, reject us.

The thing about Pentecost that gets hidden is the double miracle. The one shows the power of God through the People of God. The other shows the love of God. The believers spoke, and God transformed the speaking into whatever language was needed for that context and crowd. But it was unbelievers to whom God gave the ability to interpret! They heard. No believer stood up and translated. God loved those people so much that Paraclete gave them a spiritual gift – for their benefit.

Time to trash religious arrogance and trade it with humility that allows God to work for the love that reaches into every corner of the universe.

If others have the right to expect this from you, don’t we deserve even more? But we haven’t used our rights. Instead, we would put up with anything in order not to hinder the Good News of Christ in any way” (1 Corinthians 9:12 God’s Word©).