When we meet troubles, even if we are mature enough to know our faith is being tested, we can easily see ourselves as the target of this testing. But when we focus on ourselves where does God stand in the picture?

LifeThatWins“The reason for such testing is to prove that your faith is real. The realness of your faith in turn satisfies God’s heart.

“What is genuine faith? Genuine faith believes in the word of God exclusively…If environment and experience coincide with God’s word, we praise and thank the Lord.

“When your faith is being proven, it is the Son of God being proven; it is God’s faithfulness and not you that is being tested.

“No matter what the enemy says, your response is and always shall be that Christ is trustworthy and God’s word is dependable. This is faith…”             Watchman Nee, “The Life that Wins”, 1935 teaching.

faithWhose case is it? Not mine. Jesus is the centre of it all. When will I learn that everything that happens to me is not to bring attention to me, nor for me to focus more earnestly upon my needs and weakness, but upon the sufficiency of God and the victory Jesus has already won over the devil?

It is not about me, growing or learning or failing, but about the work Paraclete is doing in my life!

Jesus “must increase in importance, while I must decrease in importance. The person who comes from above is superior to everyone. I, a person from the earth, know nothing but what is on earth, and that’s all I can talk about. The person who comes from heaven is superior to everyone” (John 3:30-31 God’s Word©).