One of the risks of organizing a religion around Jesus is that it can lead to a herd mentality rather than a Christ vitality. This can happen whether the religion is denominational or self-defined.

argument4392121So, some person is judged to be heretical. Those who subscribe to the religious group, whether it is formal or like minds, agree with their compatriot. Thoughtlessly, and much worse, without spiritual discernment, the “heretic” is tarred with contempt, ridiculed to embarrassment and disowned. The group has made its own “right” simply through conformity, the most vicious symptom of religion.

I meet Christians who condemn anyone who reads a translation of the Bible other than The King James. I encounter Christians who become nearly breathless as they condemn others who understand baptism differently. I have attended closed meetings where decisions are taken that are overtly sinful and contrary to their own religious laws and the crowd falls silent while the innocent lamb child is slaughtered. I have dealt with Christians who have left religion and now trash everyone who belongs to a religious form of Christianity.

Have you ever done anything like that? You’ve sided with those in power rather than with those who are in the right.

1703646closedmindEvery religious form and formula will burn in the great fire at the end of the age. That does not mean every member of every religious form of Christianity will burn, just the external inanimate form.

God created people, not religion. God loves people, despite our strengths and weaknesses.

Jesus died for people, not institutions.

Paraclete empowers the people of God with gifts exercised in love.

If I dehumanize anyone in order to target them with my own bigotry, well, I’m the one in trouble with God!

I have no right to power and no power to right anything.

I only have the right to live under God’s power.

May I never replace the Living God, Creator, Almighty Commander of heavenly armies with mere human doctrine, opinion or personal convenience.

My place of “power” is at the feet of Jesus, not the head of…