Soon July will end and another wonderful month will take its place. Much happened during this month and it is good to reflect on those events but don’t dwell on them. Focus on what is happening at this moment and what can happen in the very near future.

MCFPlanJuly’s memories can be used as lessons learnt; lessons that remind us where God touched our lives and even where He allowed us to touch the lives of someone else. As you reflect, be careful as the evil one can steal those memories and use them to beat you down and condemn you for missed opportunities. If you approach each day as being a blessing from God you won’t look back on days that pass with regret but will see them as introductions to future days based on hope.

Pray with us today as we ask God to bring hope into our lives of others. Pray asking our Father to use us for His Kingdom. Pray asking Him to make August an even better month so that when it ends, we can reflect and identify where God used us to bless others.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for the MCF [The Military Christian Fellowship of Canada]. Enable us to do your will. Help us look outward into our community, our workplaces and our families with compassion so that we can share Jesus’ love and truth. Amen”



This was today’s prayer word. I have previously shared one of the weekly prayer articles of MCF (God and My Car), of which I am a member, and it was very popular. I want, again, to highlight the work of this important group which prays for our military personnel and their spiritual welfare.