I’ve been thinking about my job recently. Very few people work as I do and when I do.

When I was a pastor I was often attacked spiritually and socially, but never physically. Now the possibility exists of an assault on my person. If I catch someone committing a crime they can run, surrender, or attack. The risk, though small, is real. I know several security guards who have been attacked, and, of course, when one is killed it makes the news.

Such awareness makes me attentive, but not intimidated.

First day of winter 2012 at our house

First day of winter 2012 at our house

Tonight the snowstorm made work difficult, driving on roads that no one else had travelled and which remained untouched by a snowplow. We had to get a tow truck to pull one of our team out of a snowdrift.

As I drove through the falling and drifting snow I passed houses in darkness. The residents slept. While the majority rests I am awake and active, making the community a safer place to be. They don’t even know I’m doing it.

But I’m at peace keeping the peace. I keep in mind the security guard’s Psalm (as I call it):

security-guard-1I look up toward the mountains.

Where can I find help?

My help comes from the Lord,

the maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let you fall.

Your guardian will not fall asleep.

Indeed, the Guardian of Israel never rests or sleeps.

The Lord is your guardian.

The Lord is the shade over your right hand.

The sun will not beat down on you during the day,

nor will the moon at night.

The Lord guards you from every evil.

He guards your life.

The Lord guards you as you come and go,

now and forever. (Psalm 121:1-8 God’s Word).