People can’t just tell their story. They want others to agree or follow the same choices. The telling of the story becomes a way to impose our opinions on others, and make them conform to our beliefs.

The tulips outside our back door don't ask if we approve; they just grow!

The tulips outside our back door don’t ask if we approve; they just grow!

People need to justify their choices and beliefs by making other people agree with them. People seek approval through others rather than follow and obey the Creator of the universe.

Do you delight in the faith stories of others, or do you analyze, criticize, politicize?

“When we encouraged you, we didn’t use unethical schemes, corrupt practices, or deception. Rather, we are always spreading the Good News. God trusts us to do this because we passed his test. We don’t try to please people but God, who tests our motives. As you know, we never used flattery or schemes to make money. God is our witness! We didn’t seek praise from people, from you or from anyone else” (1 Thessalonians 2:3-6 God’s Word).