I’m in my 7th day of a 10-day stretch of work. It means little time for anything else. How much time does God need?

Well, God needs all our time. God turns every time into a time for good, for witness, for light shining in darkness.


Frequency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God takes the private one-on-one time. God also takes all time, and even when we are concentrating on the job, Paraclete turns each moment into a God-moment. It’s a good thing.

Most of my shifts are 12-hour. Two days a week I do 24-hour standby. Today was easier with only 6.5 hours (a fill-in only).

So I asked myself, are these long hours the devil diverting me, or God blessing me? Actually, I discern God’s hand in this, though I do not know the reason for it. (And why do I need to know the reason anyway?)

So I guess we really work full-time for Jesus, no matter where we are or what we do. The cracks are filled in by labour that earns us some money to keep the flesh together.

Which just reminds us that prayer is not about talking, but having our spiritual radio tuned to God’s frequency in order to send our thoughts and receive the words of God.

It’s not the frequency of our words that connects us to God, but what frequency we tune into in this noisy world.