I have a dilemma.

For the years that I wrote a newspaper column I met people, anywhere and everywhere, who had read my columns and said so, usually complimentary. Then the column got cancelled.

A new plant, Flowering Fern, set with pink sedum under a burning bush

A new plant for me this year, Flowering Fern, set with pink sedum under a burning bush

So I entered the world of blogging.

The writing is easier because I don’t have a limit to the words, and it has no deadline.

But my dilemma is that I had dreamed of maybe ten visits to my blog a day. Not only is it more than that, but the bloggers I meet online are so interesting. I follow a lot of blogs. Actually, the dilemma is I can’t keep up with it any more. Writing is one thing. Reading the inspired comments, and responding is another. And then there’s reading the posts in all the blogs I follow. And as more people visit my blog there are more blogs to discover. Many of them I would like to follow, but the clock has ruled against me.

Now, if I didn’t have to work for a living, if we didn’t have a half-acre lot here in town to garden, if I had no grandchildren, or perhaps wasn’t married, reading blogs could have a lot more time.

My Rudbeckia is fantastic this year, and my wife's hand shows the size

My Rudbeckia is fantastic this year, and my wife’s hand shows the size

But for now my humanity prevents my further expansion into the world of friends who inspire me, challenge me, make me look at things in new ways, remind of the troubles people live in and through. I intend to struggle on to keep up with those I already have connected to.

But as for now, working 36 hours a week, on standby for 48 hours a week, my garden and flowers and family have to have priority.

All this to apologize to those I want to follow and can’t, to express regret that my “already circle” may not get the attention I want to give, and confess my jealousy to those who have more time than me to spend in this wonderful, borderless world of the Body of Christ online. I would never have imagined I’d connect with people in 29 countries, for whom Jesus is also real.


Sorry for the rambling, but my heart and emotions are working faster than my brain.

I do honestly and fervently pray for the peace of Christ for all of you, whether I’m regularly connected or not.

That’s my dilemma…