It’s not just that this is my own ministry, to pass this along, but the difference between spiritual and religious is a life or death decision!

Walking in Faith

Close to the Cross but far from the Christ

When the Lord laid it on my heart to write this post, I was driving home from a weekend trip, where I was visiting my aunt and cousins.

The morning we were leaving, we all went to breakfast before we shuffled out of town. I sat across from my cousin Danny who is 22 years old. Great guy! Just engaged, happy, and brimming with all of the makings of a great man. We are friends on facebook and that is how we have been able to keep up with each other’s busy lives. As we talked he raised a question, ” So, is it just you who is religious in your family?” He was sweet and sincere when he asked, it was obvious he was just wanting to get to know me again. But, something struck me about the question? I responded to him and said “Well, I prefer a…

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