The first day of Spring has arrived. Today it snowed with the temperature below the freezing point. The west wind bites the skin of my face.

So that is how Spring starts?

Funny, who said it couldn’t?

Our crocuses aren't in bloom yet, but this is just pretty

Our crocuses aren’t in bloom yet, but this is just pretty

People want God to act in accord with their whims and interests and demands. If a relative dies we scream angrily at God. But everyone dies.

You eat too much, and the wrong thing, while watching too much TV and then ask God to heal your heart. Hm…

As a Father I want good for my daughters. To achieve that required we administer correction, punishment and discipline. They didn’t thank us for that. But they learned how to do household chores, they avoided drinking parties, and became responsible adults. They also knew, and know, that we stand with them. And now that they are married we don’t tell them what to do or discipline them. They grew into that responsibility for themselves. See Ezekiel 18.

So maybe you should act responsibly. Maybe you should accept what life offers without demanding God change the Divine will just to suit your fancy rather than your destiny.

Maybe that explains Paul writing, “I’ve learned to be content in whatever situation I’m in” (Philippians 4:11b God’s Word).

Yes, today Spring starts. And no matter what way it starts doesn’t change that it starts.

God loves me. No matter how that expresses itself God loves me.

And better for me if I learn that, than make my love for God conditional upon God doing things my way the way I want when I want it.

It snowed today.