I have had an increasing sense of living here on earth on a temporary visa. “This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through…” says the hymn that has always resonated with me at some level. The song becomes more true all the time.

But my term on earth has a termination date. Everything about this planet has an expiry date.

General Isaac Brock leading the charge.

General Isaac Brock leading the charge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the heroes during my youth lived 200 years ago. General Isaac Brock commanded British troops, native warriors and Canadian militia when the War of 1812 started. His strategy proved very effective. But General Brock died at the Battle of Queenston Heights in the first year of the war. That always bothered me. Here an effective and honourable soldier died before he had a chance to finish his task, defending the British colonies against American invaders. I felt his expiry date came too soon.

Jesus taught us to stand ready at any moment for that transfer from earthly life to the spirit world. As a teenager I didn’t think that way. After living for awhile, seeing what I have seen, the wisdom of preparing for eternity makes good sense.

But what I ponder brings visions of the need for justice in cases where it remains unmet, for love to supercede duty to religion and erupt unrestrained and the success of true community-building.

You see, I have encountered, repeatedly, that the friendship “love” humans offer has a “best before date”. More times than I can say people offered friendship only to play Judas shortly afterward, usually betraying with a “kiss”, a public show of concern while in private destroying with a malice that takes my breath away.

Great comfort comes from God’s love, though. I don’t have to read the label of Divine compassion to discern the expiry date. God loves me, because of Jesus Christ, even at those times when I can barely stand myself!

But maybe all that happened was inevitable. Do you rely on friends and their “love”? If so, the betrayal or abandonment strikes a deep blow to our hearts. But if we love and serve only Creator (“Never have any other god…Never worship them or serve them, because I, the Lord your God, am a God who does not tolerate rivals” Exodus 20:3,5a God’s Word), we find companionship sent from heaven rather than anything based on location, interests or appearances.

That has come home since I changed from a newspaper columnist to a blogger. I meet people from around the world (sorry, that still takes my breath away) who inspire me and challenge me.

My blogging must have a termination date, since I don’t expect to live forever in this world, but may what we do bring glory to God, for as long as God needs it.

Jesus, friend of sinners, “Certainly, we live, move, and exist because of him” (Acts 17:28a God’s Word).

And there’s no end to that.